OMI Plow - Robo snow cleaner

OMI Plow

Robo snow cleaner

How it works?

Snow removal become a fascinating computer game with the use of a mobile application and software product for PC.


Mobile application

User-friendly interface allows you to understand the basic processes performed by the robot quickly. You will be able to control the robot, produce video broadcasting and monitoring of your yard. Download right now! The application is available:

For iOS For Windows


Dmitry Grishin (CEO, Mail.RU Group)
The owners of the ice rinks will explicitly demand robot’s services; moreover, it will be easier for robot to clean the field of rectangular form without obstacles (people, fences, ups and downs of the ground) than the yard of a country house.

Sergey Fradkov, managing partner of start-up accelerator iDeal Machine
This is a complex machine with high requirements for reliability, security and sustainability.

Musafor (Specialist of public utilities)
Realizing the effectiveness of such a robotic platform, my compatriots and I were afraid to lose our jobs. Now I’m learning the profession of a carpenter in case if the device will be widely used.

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